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The Italian Government has announced a state of emergency that has led to strict restrictions until May 2020 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the state of emergency may also be prolonged after that date.

The pandemic together with its repercussions may prejudice the realization of the "sibelius festival - golfo del tigullio e riviera" (VI edition, September 25 - October 11, 2020). Details are fixed (artists, dates, locations etc...), but we are in front of a question mark. Therefore the Organizing Committee has to assess whether arranging the VI edition in Autumn is realistic.

We'll keep you informed next May, depending on the decisions of local Municipalities and of central Government.

In any case we don't want to disappoint our precious and affectionate public; we'll discuss with the Artists invited as to find out a way to offer you all a "virtual" festival: Music must not be stopped!

Federico Ermirio (founder - artistic director)


sibelius festival

golfo del tigullio e riviera

n.6 - autunno fall 2020

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September 25 - October 11, 2020

Direttore Artistico/Artistic Director: Federico Ermirio

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graphic by Domenico Ermirio